Sunday, May 12, 2024

Recent reads.

None Like Him: Ten Ways God Is Different From Us (And Why That's A Good Thing) by Jen Wilkin

This was the first book I've read by Jen Wilkin, and wow was it good! It was so theologically deep and Biblically sound. I was simultaneously challenged and encouraged and felt like I gleaned a lot and was very thought provoking. I read a few pages a day as part of my morning devotion time, and this was a great book for that and I'd love to read another by her!

All Of This: A Memoir of Death and Desire by Rebecca Woolf- I mentioned in a previous book post that I read Rockabye, her first book published in 2008 about her getting pregnant with her first child four months into a relationship and then marrying him. I had heard her second came out, but wanted to read the first before reading this one, which was published in 2022. I had followed Rebecca's blog for years and years and enjoyed following her. They had four kids together, and her husband sadly was diagnosed suddenly with stage four pancreatic cancer in 2018 and died within four months of diagnosis. Their marriage had been rocky for some time, and she had wanted to leave him for years before his death. This book is about the months before he passed away and the several years following his death. It was interesting to read because I wanted to read it so badly after following her blog for so long, but it was intense. It was good in the fact that she wrote so honestly and vulnerably, but hard for me to read in that their marriage was sad and she dealt with the aftermath of his death in ways I would not want to, meaning that we have very different beliefs and life style choices. (It had a lot of language and sexual details- a word of caution.) I knew that she was not a Christian from following her blog, but this book was so deeply raw in ways her blog wasn't always. Not that you shouldn't be raw, but it was hard for me to read about her handling the death without the hope of Heaven.

All My Knotted Up Life: A Memoir by Beth Moore- I have never actually done a Beth Moore Bible study before, but have heard about them! I've definitely heard of Beth Moore and how she powerfully and boldly preaches about Jesus. I had heard many talking about this book and quickly added it to my reading list. I am so glad I read it, it was so good! I don't want to share details to give anything away, but it's a memoir about her life and it was so moving. I really enjoyed reading it and learning more about her.


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