Saturday, March 23, 2024

Princess party, state game, and cousin/friend time.

What a fun few days! Thankful all of us are feeling better after the five of us having influenza- glad we could get out and do a few fun activities and see people we love! We got to spend the night at the Ragsdale's house in Garner. We went out for ice cream and enjoyed catching up!

We were in Des Moines for a quick night because our local high school team made it to state and we came for the game! Kley's team WON state when he was a junior in high school and came so close again his senior year but lost in the championship game. We got to have a couple hours with cousins and go out for lunch with them- the best!

State game! Unfortunately they lost in the semi-finals, but it was super fun to be there!

A few women in our town got together and put on the cutest princess party. It was adorable and so well done, and neat that we could have an opportunity like this in our own town. (Normally for an event like this, we'd have to drive to a bigger town.) They had dressed up princesses, dance party, the cutest snacks, mirror decorating, nail painting, hair tinsel/curling, and gave them a ring, necklace, tiara, and a fun little gift bag at the end. I was amazed- they had so many cool details! So fun to be able to do this with some friends right in our town. Thankful for some special days!


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