Sunday, March 10, 2024

Lucy and Ellory's 7th birthday- De Jong celebration.

We celebrated Lucy and Ellory's 7th birthday with the De Jong side at the bowling alley! It was a fun night and special to do something different. We've never bowled with his family before and it was the cousin's first time bowling. We are not regular bowlers, so it was nice to give it another whirl. We also ate supper there. I didn't even know the bowling alley served food, but they do! As the girls were sipping on a slushie, picking out their bowling ball, I said isn't this peak childhood right here? Family, bowling, and a slushie- a great birthday!

My four forever favorites. :)

I think this picture is cute with the three girls together and me trying to convince Gerrit to not carry a bowling ball by himself in the background. Such a sweetie. :)

Giving it our best shot!

Kley was the highest scoring adult by far. I got two strikes but also a fair amount of gutter balls, so you never knew what was coming, ha. 

Sometimes it's still crazy to me that I carried and birthed TWO babies! How are they seven already?

Fun to bowl with Will for his first time!

Kley's parents, grandma, and sister were there too- so great! Our group shots weren't top of the line, but we tried! Thankful for family and especially for Lucy and Ellory, two of the sweetest girls around. Happy 7th birthday, our babies. You are so loved! :)



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