Friday, March 1, 2024

Lucy and Ellory's 7th birthday- family celebration.

We started off Lucy and Ellory's birthday celebrations a little early with our family celebration! The following two weekends will have family in town, so we did ours a couple weeks before the actual day. We let the girls pick an activity and where to eat for their birthdays and I love this tradition! They quickly picked Sky Zone in a neighboring big town (they had won a free pass there from our local library's summer reading program) and wanted to come back home to a new pasta restaurant in our town. (As they age, if they have differing opinions, we will let them pick their own activity/restaurant, but so far that have quickly/easily agreed together on what to pick. So cute!)

Thankful for a special day together and love our sweet almost 7-year-olds! What a joy to be their mom!

The rock climbing wall above the foam pit was a favorite!

Lucy's bravery and drive for sports is amazing to me. Big teenage boys also shooting hoops? No problem, I'll join right in, thank you very much. :) 

Some days it's still amazing to me that I'm a mom and have three kids, let alone three girls this big. What a beautiful journey! Lucy and Ellory, happy 7th birthday! We sure love celebrating you. 


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