Saturday, February 17, 2024

Great Wolf Lodge 2024.

We went to Great Wolf Lodge two years ago, and the girls have been begging to go back ever since. So, for their big Christmas present this year, we headed back! It was a fun weekend and I'm so thankful we could go. The number one thing they talked about doing again was the huge tube slide in the waterpark (along with all the other water slides), and we enjoyed them for hours!

Love these three beauties! So glad for family time together.

They were all so brave and tried the surfing, and they all did so well!

Even Kley did it! He's not much of a rides guy, but he did it!

Fun at the water park.

We enjoyed some arcade games. It was such a nostalgic, peak childhood, moment watching them in the prize room figuring out what prize they wanted to get with their tickets. So fun!

Climbing the rock wall.

We got to see some family too, which made it even better! My sister and her family live in Minneapolis, so they came down for a few hours. Also, it lined up that my parents were there watching her kids for a couple days prior while she worked, so we got to see my parents too. And, my sister from Des Moines ended up coming with them too and she stayed in our room with us. So great!


Cousin Averie bowling.

Opening Valentines from Grandma and waiting for our pizza.

Here's a beautiful photo of me on the ropes course, coming on to appease the girl's fears and help them, and then being gripped with fear myself on the highest spinning bar, ha. But, I crossed it!

The girls did amazing! Lucy was a beast and seemed amazingly confident up there, and Norah and Ellory were very brave and did quite well too!

What a gift to be able to go and we treasured our time together! Of course every moment wasn't full of picture perfect treasuring times, but overall it was pretty great and so happy we could do it!


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