Thursday, February 1, 2024

Cheer camp and sledding 2024.

The girls got to do a mini cheer camp the other Friday- so cute! They practiced after school and got to perform a few cheers with the high school cheerleaders during the halftime of the basketball game. They did great!

It was also super exciting to go sledding! We had a super mild December, but then January hit hard with a bunch of snow and then super freezing temperatures (like feels like -40). We had a few snow days! It was very fun the first two with fresh snow and it wasn't that cold, so they played outside for a long time and loved it, but then two more snow days, a late start, and an early out again after the first two days, we were ready for warmer temperatures and regular routine. So, after all that, it looks like 30s for the foreseeable future and that feels so nice! We loved getting outside again and the girls were waiting to go sledding!

Love doing fun things together!


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