Monday, June 5, 2023

Tulip Festival 2023- Parades, Dutch dancing, and more rides.

Norah is in second grade this year, so she was old enough to participate in Dutch dancing! She did a great job and it was so cute to watch. They practiced at school, with one after school practice, and performed three times during the afternoon parades, twice on the route for each parade, so she did the dance six times! There were a couple different songs in the routine, all in Dutch.

They had to have a partner that was supposed to be a boy, which Norah didn't love. Her original partner was a boy but then he backed out, so then she was happy to get a girl partner (because more girls than boys do it, so there isn't enough boys). 

We got to watch a few parades with the Ragsdales, our good friends who moved away last year but came back for the festival. So glad we could see them!

Seeing the Pride of the Dutchmen marching band is always a highlight of the parade!

The Queen and her court. There is street scrubbing before the afternoon parades to make the streets clean for the Queen.

Some of our favorite floats.

They throw out candy at the Thursday night parade, so they were waiting for candy!

Tulip Festival is the best!

Riding some more rides- the girls were really brave this year and tried some of the bigger ones! This one was called Cliff Hanger, and you laid on your stomach and felt like you were flying.

The girls rode on a float for the Friday night parade!

Riding the Tornado with Grandpa! We got to see some of both sides of the family and it was great!

Kley loves to march in the alumni band during the Saturday night parade, that's always a fun finale to watch him. 


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