Thursday, June 15, 2023

Memorial Day weekend in Minneapolis 2023.

We had the best kickoff to summer! We spent Memorial Day weekend in Minneapolis visiting the Schornacks (my sister). We packed many fun things into a weekend and we were thankful to be together, enjoying the nice weather and celebrating the beginning of summer!

Cousin time with Averie and Brooks was great!

We went to Immersive Disney Animation, which was a fun and unique experience! It's hard to explain what it was without seeing it, but basically it's a huge room with screens all around, floor to ceiling. It's about 45 minutes of songs/highlights from many different Disney movies. It wasn't like a movie theatre because there was much more open space (there were some benches, but not assigned seats or anything), so the girls could dance around, and a bubble machine. It felt like you were really in it. It was neat!

The floor was sparkly!

Before the show, there were a couple rooms you could walk through that taught you about the drawing/creation of movies.

Getting soaked in the sprinkler.

Another highlight was Como Town. It was opening day with great weather and we enjoyed many rides!

The girls loved this one and thought it was SO cool that they could drive their own car entirely by themselves. :)

I was loving that all three rode the Pony Carts. Sometime soon they will say they are too old for rides like that, but for now I will live it up. 8 and 6 are pretty fun ages!

The swinging boat is always a favorite!

Love that they could ride some rides with Averie! Sweetest cousin car.

We also had a fun glow party in the basement! Sunday morning we checked out Shoreview Commons Park, which was incredible! So beautiful, expansive, and nice! We had scooter rides and outside time and made s'mores!

They live within walking distance to DQ, so we went there when we got there Friday night. So thankful for an amazing weekend and truly such a great summer kickoff!


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