Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Norah's piano recital 2023.

Norah had her end of year piano recital and she did great! She was definitely nervous before, but aren't recitals just ripe for life lesson learning? I took piano lessons for ten years growing up, and I hated each and every recital, but they were good for me. That nervous, pit in your stomach feeling will definitely come to you at some, if not many, points in your life, and learning how to manage that feeling and push through and do the hard thing is a really valuable lesson! It's also a good lesson to remember that bravery doesn't mean you don't feel scared- they often go hand in hand! 

Norah, we are proud of you for diligently practicing and doing your very best tonight through the fear. Hearing you play piano is beautiful and we will always be there cheering you on!

Norah played two songs, and one was a worship song her and Kley played together. SO special!


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