Thursday, December 1, 2022

Lucy and Ellory recently.

It's been far too long since I've done an update! Lucy and Ellory are growing up so and it's such an honor to be able to watch that happen and be a part of their lives. Kley and I just commented last night about my c-section scar and their arrival, and now it's been over five years since that. What beautiful years! When people ask me about having twins, I say that it was the best surprise we ever got.

Lucy and Ellory finished up preschool really well. They had a great time there with wonderful teachers and friends and learned a lot. They had a special graduation ceremony in May. They also got to have a graduation ceremony in May for Kindermusik. So thankful they could attend that for years- what a special program and they learned a lot about music. Lucy and Ellory did t-ball this summer and had a great time! Lucy is determined and athletic and loves sports. Ellory does a great job also, but is more there for fun and to go along with the flow. Kley coached and they had fun having Daddy there! They also did a two day tumbling camp. We did swimming lessons for a week also. They both did a fabulous job and have grown a lot in the water! Lucy and Ellory also did sports central this summer, where they did a different sport each week (kids games, softball, kickball, and track). They did their own little track and field Olympics at the end and they loved it! They had different races and challenges. They were so excited to run the race on the “real track” at the college. Lucy talked about it so much and even asked me to wake her up early the days before the race so she could train (I did not, I told her good sleep was also important for athletes!). Lucy got first and Ellory got second- so proud of our brave runners!

In March, we went to Disney with the De Jongs- what an amazing trip! We were supposed to go in 2020 shortly after everything shut down, but I'm thankful it worked out to go this year instead because the girls were at such good ages for it. We had a wonderful trip and are thankful for the special times we got to have. Watching the girls' eyes light up was incredible! In June, we got to go to Brainerd, MN with the Schuts and had a fun few days by a lake. Grateful for family time!

Lucy and Ellory are in kindergarten! We decided to keep them in the same class this year and we are glad we did- it's been nice for them to have each other as they adjust to going to school for the first time, though we are thankful too that they have good friends in class and don't depend on each other too much. They have both done amazing with this transition! No tears at all about school and have had great days and drop offs. They come home tired, especially Lucy (which results in being hyper because she's overtired), but overall they are both doing incredible and we are so grateful. Their teacher is very sweet and kind and I'm glad they got her. And she has the same last name, which they were excited about!

They had their 5 year wellness check in March- Lucy was 38 lbs (40%) and 44” (85%) and Ellory was 40 lbs (56%) and 43” (73%). They are still wearing S/6 clothes. It is extremely rare that Ellory would be up in the night. Lucy is doing so much better at sleeping through the night, yay! Lucy is wearing a size 11 shoe and Ellory a size 12 shoe- they both switched before school started. Ellory lost her first tooth recently! She lost her bottom right central incisor on 10/2/22. It was very loose but was terrified to pull it. I pulled it and she didn't like it, but was pleased when it was out. All of her six year old molars are in too and she just got sealants at the dentist, while none of Lucy's are in yet. She also got her ears pierced! Norah had been talking about it and was going to do it for her birthday, and Ellory said she wanted to join and was very excited about it, so we let her! She was so proud. Lucy didn't want to, which was great too.

A very fun addition to the family is new cousin Margo! She was born on 10/18/22 (shares a birthday with Daddy!) at 6:38am, 19.5” and 6 lbs 15 oz. We love her so much already! We recently celebrated Norah turning 8. The girls got to do NWC cheer camp for a day and got to cheer with the cheerleaders for the first quarter of the football game. What fun! We also recently had Halloween and they loved trick or treating. Lucy was a Dutch/Vikings cheerleader (usually she just said Dutch, but sometimes Vikings too- it was a purple costume so could be either). Ellory was a monarch butterfly (and she wanted to tell everyone she was a monarch, not just a butterfly). They are enjoying kindergarten Sunday school.

Lucy loves to be outside and ride her bike and shoot baskets. Her favorite things are Hot Wheels cars, people/animal figurines, Barbies, dolls, making crafts, and Lil Woodzees houses. Ellory loves to ride the EZ rider outside and play in the sandbox. Late spring, Ellory learned how to ride her bike without training wheels- she was so proud and she loves to ride! Her favorite things are stuffed animals, coloring, reading books, Playmobil princess castle, Barbies, Lil Woodzeez houses, and dolls. Both of them like to chew gum! Lucy and Ellory, you bring so much joy to our family and being your parents is a great blessing. We love you so very much and pray you grow up to love Jesus!


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