Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Fun Christmas happenings.

We headed to my grandparents for supper after Norah's piano lesson one night. My grandparents recently moved out of their house for 35+ years and into an independent living community. It's strange for them to not be in the only house I have ever known them in, but peaceful too as it's a good move for them and they are happy! Being close to them has been one of the biggest blessings of living here!

Ellory got new glasses and she's thrilled with them! Both of the sticks of her old pair were super glued on for awhile in the end, so it was high time for a fresh pair at her annual appointment. Beautiful girl!

Norah had her Christmas piano recital! It was at the retirement community where my grandparents now live, which was special! They got to be there, and also her grandparents and great grandma that live in the same town as us too. Special day- she was nervous but did great!

We love Mrs. Heidi! She taught the girls' Kindermusik classes for years and now teaches Norah piano. So special to have her in their lives!

We also had fun at the library Christmas party and said hello to Santa!


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