Friday, December 23, 2022

Christmas cookies, sledding, and snow days.

I love Christmas traditions! Making Christmas cookies is a favorite of the girls. When they were younger, we just decorated pre-made cookies, but the last couple of years we have made our own. A bit easier to do when they are older, but no shame in pre-made cookies no matter the age! It's messy but so fun and they have a great time. 

Their hair looks a little crazy because they love to take the hair ties out of their own hair and put them in their Barbie's hair when they are playing downstairs. A little detail I want to remember! :)

We have had the most crazy weather! We have already had FIVE snow days and it's only mid-December! Last week we had three- Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Even two in a row- this has to be some kind of record! It will be nice to get back to a regular schedule, but it was also fun to be home together too for some extra time! Love it! (Update- since I first wrote this, we are now up to SIX snow days!)

Since we had so much snow already, we had to go sledding! The extra is our neighbor friend, Elizabeth. She's 10 and has been the sweetest friend to our girls over the years. So thankful she's our neighbor!

Decorating the cookies! We make them one day and then decorate another day- makes it more manageable and extends the fun! We delivered many plates to our neighbors and friends! I love tying in giving and blessing others with the cookies too!


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