Monday, April 11, 2022

Disney 2022- Sea World.

Technically, this day was one of our "off" days from the parks, so we swam in the morning and went to Sea World in the afternoon. I hadn't ever been there before- it was fun! A nice mix in with the Disney parks. It was less busy than Disney parks, which was nice. The orca and dolphin shows were so neat! Definitely a highlight!

Ellory is our biggest animal lover; it was so fun to watch her face during these shows!

Seseme Street Land was so cute! Very well done. Cute rides, great for younger kids, with short lines. A win! The parade was engaging and fun too.

It was a fun afternoon! I would go back again. We didn't see near all that you could, but we purposely wanted this day to be shorter since we had two park days following. Thankful for such a fun time!


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