Friday, April 8, 2022

Disney 2022- Magic Kindgom.

Magic Kingdom was so awesome! So thankful for a great day. There's a reason it has magic in the name! What a special day and a beautiful memory we will have forever. It was amazing weather, the girls did so well, and we got to see and do many fun things! 

This is the best family picture I got- rookie mom move to try to take it at the end of the day, oops. But sign of a day well spent!

It's A Small World ride- a classic favorite!

Love the Dutch scene!

Brett (my BIL) is a big ride fan, while the rest of the De Jongs aren't. Kley isn't either, but will go on smaller/slower ones. Brad, Jana, Elizabeth, and the boys left earlier in the afternoon, so Brett stayed with us for a few more hours. While we were sad to see them go, that meant that we could use their bands to get extra lightning lane opportunities! That, combined with the ones we already had for the morning, meant we spend very little time waiting in line for the entire day. It was amazing and made the experience so wonderful! We rode so many rides! We could have gone on more way into the evening, but the girls were spent and ready to go, which was totally understandable after a long day.

God provided many great opportunities for us during the day! Right when we walked into the park, we ran into a singing quartet, right as we were walking down Main Street we saw the cavalcade (like a tiny parade), and as we walked by the castle another time we caught the end of the singing friendship show with a bunch of characters. So special!

Magic Carpet Aladdin ride.

Love this picture of me and Norah. I have another picture fr on several years ago with both of our hands up on a ride. I hope she'll always be my ride buddy!

Kley captured this good one too while we were on it!

Waiting in the brief line- the girls were thrilled with the lightning lane concept!

While Norah rode Splash Mountain with Brett, I took Lucy and Ellory on the carousel. :)

Festival of Fantasy parade. So fun and we got great seats!

So many fun characters and princesses to see!

Waiting for the parade to start with our sweeties!

Will, our nephew/cousin, loved the parade and it was so cute to watch him enjoy it.

These two are pictures of the cavalcade I mentioned before. It was short but sweet.

Watching the girls have their first glimpse at the castle was so great. They were enamored! Ellory was confused why Cinderella wasn't right by her castle, it was cute.

This is my favorite picture of the whole day! My four favorites!

Just getting there! (I don't know why the pictures upload backwards.) Thankful for a truly wonderful day. So thankful we could go!


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