Thursday, November 4, 2021

Norah is 7- De Jong family celebration.

We celebrated sweet seven with Norah with the De Jong side also! I'm so thankful for our families. I'm grateful we get along well and getting together fills my heart. I'm glad for grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins for our girls that they can grow up with and be involved in each other's lives. I didn't get to live by either set of my grandparents growing up, so it's special that my girls get to live by one. And thankful that the other set is only a few hours away- an easy weekend drive!

We went to a local restaurant for supper, and Norah got this free birthday shake- so fun!

Cousin Will.

Kley and Norah's birthdays are five days apart- fun they can celebrate together!

Jana had a local bakery make these special cakes. They do such a nice job!

My favorite four!

Unfortunately didn't get a whole group shot, but I'm so glad we got an updated picture with Kley's grandma Shirley. She is his last living grandparent and lives in the same town as us, which is so special!

Happy 7th birthday, Norah! You are so loved, by so many here, and most importantly by Jesus!


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