Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Air Madness.

Kley introduced Norah to Lego Ninjago awhile ago, and she has enjoyed it. She even had a Ninjago birthday party (she was set that that was what she wanted for months). Her and Kley also found a few kids ninja course videos on youtube that they watch together sometimes when he says goodnight to her, so she has been asking to go to a ninja course. I thought that was a long shot at first, but then I found one! It was an hour and fifteen minutes away, so a bit of a drive but not too bad. All three girls had a Friday off of school, so we planned to go! It was super fun and everyone had a great time. We packed a picnic lunch, hit up Air Madness, and also visited a park on the way home that we had never been to before. Wins all around!

Lucy and Ellory were a bit tentative to try this at first, but they did pretty well considering they are only four!


Shooting hoops.

The girls got a big kick out of the mechanical bull- they were a little nervous at first, but they all did it! Norah and Lucy did it several times!

They had several different foam pit areas with different ways to jump in. Super cool!

This was fun to experience with them. It had several different things to try that were new to them and challenging, but not so tough they couldn't do it. Perfect opportunity to practice some bravery!

Most of the things in the ninja course were too hard for Lucy and Ellory, but they enjoyed trying what they could. It was pretty challenging for Norah and she couldn't do everything, but I'm proud of her for trying what she could! There was one part in particular that she practiced over and over again on her own. Way to go!

Thankful for a day off of school and time together! :)


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