Thursday, August 5, 2021

Swimming lessons 2021.

The girls had swimming lessons and it was fun! Feels like such a true summer activity. Lucy and Ellory had done the parent/child swim class for a couple years, which is a very introductory class, so this year was their first time having official lessons. We do private lessons, as we feel our girls just do better in that setting in dealing with the water and it's nice they can get one on one instruction. Norah has had the same teacher for three years now, and she's great! So good with kids. Thankful Lucy and Ellory were able to have her this year too. Our town also offers group lessons, which is nice too for those who want it. 

It was fun to watch each of them! We had one chillier day to be in the water and it rained a bit, but the other four days were great weather. Norah did a great job and was learning diving this year! She is a good swimmer and is comfortable in the water! Lucy did a great job. She was very comfortable putting her head under and had a great memory in learning what her teacher asked. Ellory wasn't quite as comfortable putting her head under, but she'll get there! They all did well at their own level in their own way and it was a good lesson in talking about bravery and perseverance with everyone as they encountered something hard. Norah struggled at first to tread water for 60 seconds, but she did it and was so proud! Way to go, Norah, Lucy, and Ellory! We always love cheering you on!

The last day of lessons is always "fun day" where they get to do the diving board and slides!

Norah still needs to work on dive form, but she definitely tried hard! :)

Practicing those back floats.

Finding rings was a favorite activity for all!

Lucy was so brave!


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