Wednesday, August 25, 2021

De Jong Okoboji 2021 trip- Arnold's Park.

We got to spend a few days in Okoboji with the De Jongs! Thankful we could go and the girls had the best time! Brett (my BIL) couldn't be there because he is doing his residency in Des Moines, and Elizabeth (my SIL) missed a bit because she was coming back from a trip with friends, but since a bigger trip couldn't happen this year with them, this last minute Okoboji trip was so great and thankful we could have a few days together! We went with them last year too, and the girls had been asking multiple times when we could go back. 

We had a family day before Elizabeth arrived and while Will (nephew) was napping, at Arnold's Park. I know amusement parks aren't everyone's jam, but boy do I love them. I had such fun riding rides when I was younger, and seeing the girls faces light up as they go is the best.

The giant slide was fun! This part is in the air conditioned museum, which is nice for the finale (these pictures uploaded backwards) when everyone is hot!

Norah was brave and rode the Tilt-A-Whirl all by herself!

All three were big enough for the trampoline this year! They loved it!

I want to frame these smiles forever.

These are great days. I love that they can all fit in together, ride the kiddie rides, and wave at us. Please don't ever stop waving. :)

This was the first year Lucy and Ellory were tall enough for the swings too. Such fun!

The kiddie roller coaster was the best part. They loved it so much. 

Love carousel rides! I thought it was funny that out of all the beautifully decorated horses, Ellory picked the donkey and Lucy picked the chicken. 

The best sister picture I got.

We also had a lot of fun swimming!


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