Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Easter fun 2021.

Holidays are so special with little kids! Watching the joy on their face to learn and celebrate is so special. All three of our girls got to sing on stage with their Sunday School classes and wave their palm branches for Palm Sunday and it was so special! Extra special since this was the first year Lucy and Ellory were old enough to do it, and also because we didn't have Palm Sunday or Easter services in person last year. The sweetest sight to watch them sing for Jesus! Norah thought it was really cool that Kley was playing guitar that day also, so they were "on stage" together. They were thrilled to wear their Easter dresses. I curled Norah's hair and she wore one of my hair clips, and she looked in the mirror and said she'd never been more beautiful. The best!

We celebrated as a family early since we were visiting my family over Easter. The girls enjoyed dying eggs!

The cutest three bunnies in all the land!

Opening Easter baskets.

It was really wet outside the morning we celebrated, so we had our egg hunt inside, but we had just as much fun and the girls loved it!

We also did Resurrection Eggs together, which was special also (where you open an egg a day for twelve days leading up to Easter and each egg has something that tells part of the Easter story). The best reason to celebrate- Jesus is risen! Hallelujah! 


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