Monday, April 19, 2021

Easter 2021- Schut celebration.

We celebrated Easter in Des Moines this year at my parents house. Always special and even more so after Covid! We had a fun time all being together.  Sweet Uncle Kley is reading an Easter book to the girls!

Family egg hunt!

The best whole fam shots we got. Family photos with everyone are my favorite!

Our niece/cousin Averie is getting so big! Unfortunately, the girls and I had colds so we had to admire her from afar, but better than nothing!

So thankful for amazing grandparents on both sides!

Aunt Kayla is awesome! We are sad that she graduates college in a month and won't live in the same town as us anymore, but are excited for her in her next adventures as a nurse.

Nephew/cousin Murphy is getting so big too! He was loving hitting golf balls and it was adorable. He's actually quite good for a one-year-old!

Norah is such a great cousin! Lucy and Ellory are too, but Norah's bond is a bit different because there is more of an age gap. I hope to always make intentional time to be in each other's lives!

Yay for a family picture with everyone smiling!

Our three beautiful girls!

Always love a visit from my good friend Stephanie too! I also got to visit with my friend Lauren from high school, but I forgot to take a picture with her. Thankful for our little hometown, but also grateful to not live too far from Des Moines to keep the connections there also when we visit. (Stephanie doesn't live in Des Moines, but her family does, so it's nice we get to see each other on some holidays when we are both visiting family.)

Happy Easter! What a glorious reason to celebrate. Forever grateful for forgiveness and the promise of eternal life for those who believe. He is risen!


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