Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020.

Happy Thanksgiving! While 2020 has brought many unique circumstances for many, there is still much to be thankful for! I know I will look back on this time when our girls are older and have many more activities and be grateful for the time we had together this year when many activities were halted. 

We were home for Thanksgiving this year. We had a relaxing morning at home and watched the parade and played, and for supper we went to the De Jong's house. Thankful we could see his parents, sister, BIL, and nephew Will! Kley's grandma also got to join, which was very nice because she lost her husband a couple weeks ago and this was her first holiday without him. Glad she didn't have to be alone! (While all of our extended celebrations were cancelled this year, we still did celebrate with close family. I know there were many people who were alone for Thanksgiving for various reasons, and we pray that you felt very loved- by family/friends and most importantly by God.)

I was going to try to take a cousin picture and then a family picture, but Lucy has been very clingy to Kley this week so she wouldn't sit without him, so we combined the two. Thanks to Will for giving out the best smiles! We also had to snap this before Will went to bed, so Will and Ellory had already had a bath, so we had a mix of clothes and pajamas. But who really cares what you're wearing this year, right? :)

Pre-supper talk about what we are thankful for!

So fun that the girls are entering the game stage where we can all play together! 

The weekend before Thanksgiving we got to go to Des Moines! It was initially sad because we were supposed to go visit my sister/BIL in MN and meet our new niece Averie, but MN issued some new mandates a few days before we were supposed to go saying that you weren't supposed to gather with anyone you don't live with, so unfortunately we couldn't go. We are hoping to meet her at Christmas! Since we were already planning to be gone anyways, it worked out nicely to go to Des Moines! We hadn't seen my parents in awhile, so it was nice to go there too. Love cousin pictures! It's so fun to watch Jorie be old enough to play together! (Murphy, our almost one nephew, was napping.)

Jorie really loves Toy Story and it's so cute, hence the Woody outfit and holding Buzz!

The one outing we did while in Des Moines was going to visit the Groens! They are great family friends from growing up, and their oldest daughter Stephanie is one of my closest friends and she was home for Thanksgiving, so it was so nice to see her! Her parents had recently moved to a nine acre farm, so the girls had fun exploring outside and seeing their sheds. (Is that even the right word? Shed implies something small to me and these were massive- Kley was jealous! He would love to have a space like this for his hobbies.)

The girls love to color, so they enjoyed helping make a welcome home sign for Whitney, another Groen gal who was coming home for Thanksgiving but hadn't arrived yet.

They all loved a four wheel ride with Daddy! They each had multiple turns!

Play time!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful for His rich blessings to us.


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