Monday, December 28, 2020

Church Christmas program and Norah's zoom Christmas tumbling show.

We got to enjoy some Christmas shows! Norah has been in tumbling this year and has enjoyed it. She had her Christmas show via zoom and she did a wonderful job! No one was allowed in (Kley dropped her off and waited for her outside), and I wondered if that would make her nervous because this was her first show like this before, but Kley said she walked in just fine! It was fun to watch her! She was so proud when she got home. 

She did this pose all on her own- our tumbling star!

All three of the girls got to be in the church program this year- so fun! This was in person, so it was fun to watch live. We wore masks, sat socially distanced, and didn't stay after to fellowship. Every state and place is different and has a lot of difficult decisions to work through during these COVID times, and I appreciate the many people in health care and those in leadership positions doing their best, whatever that looks like.

2/3 good smiles, we'll take it I guess? Lucy has a nice shiner on her eye from running into the corner of the dining room table. Ouch!

They sang some fun songs! Hearing kids voices praising God is one of the sweetest sounds ever. 

Ellory didn't want to go up for the first song and just sat on her teacher's lap, but made it up there for the rest! They all did great!

The program this year focused on Jesus' heart for the nations and His love for the world. :)


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