Monday, December 14, 2020

Family Christmas light tour date.

One of my most favorite nights of the year is our family date to look at Christmas lights! I love this tradition and it's so fun to watch the girls run around and ooh and ahh at their favorites. 

This Christmas band is one of our favorites- this is always our spot for a pictures with dad.

Ellory hugged so many Santas. There were a lot. She shouted hi to them too. Kids are so adorable!

Anna, Olaf, and Elsa were another favorite! (These characters were moved to a different location than in past years, right behind a huge bush. I wondered if that was strategic to keep kids on the path because too many were touching them, ha.)

The rainbow bridge is our tradition spot for a picture with mom. I love this picture. :)

This is our favorite house to go look at. There are so many lights and it's truly amazing. 

Our two-year-old niece, Jorie, is very into Toy Story, so we had to take a picture by Buzz for her.

What a fun night! The weather was pretty nice too, which was amazing!

Check out the last few years by the Christmas band! I love seeing the same tradition pictures each year. And I guess I was wrong- in 2017, the band photo was with me. Merry Christmas everyone and hope you have your own light tour fun!


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