Friday, February 22, 2019

Lucy and Ellory's two year family day celebration!

Lucy and Ellory are TWO! Ellory sings, "Happy Birthday" in the cutest voice, and they shout, "TWO!" when we ask how old they are, and when we ask who's birthday it is they say, "Ellory! Lucy!" It's the best. Their vocabulary is exploding, especially Ellory's, and it's so fun to watch each day as they learn new words. Girls, you bring so much joy, love, and light to our lives. It's been a fabulous two years. Challenging at times, yes, but God sure knew what He was doing giving us TWINS who are now TWO!

We celebrated as a family the weekend before their birthday, because their big party with family and friends is over their actual birthday. It was a really fun day. We opened presents in the morning. Yes, I am the mom who gives their kid a book for every birthday and Christmas, but I love it and I want my girls to love reading! So far it's working! Lucy doesn't enjoy listening to books as much as Ellory and Norah (because she's always on the move!), but it's so fun to read to all three. A dream come true. 

Veggie Tales is one of the girls favorite things right now, so a "Bob and Larry" book was a hit!

Tearing off wrapping paper is especially fun!

All the girls, but especially Ellory, love wearing play jewelry. We had a few different pieces, and over the course of time they got stretched or accidentally broken, so we were down to one necklace, which was fought over a lot. So, I got the girls a new set with 6 necklaces and 6 bracelets for about $7 off amazon and it was amazing. It's so special when they are young and amazed by the smallest things!

Some more trains for our train table.

They also love Minnie Mouse, so I got a magnetic Minnie/Daisy dress up set. Another hit!

For our evening outing, we went to McDonald's for supper and swimming at the indoor pool. Sound familiar? Yes, we did that for Norah's last birthday too(I just reread this post and the girls are wearing the exact same swimsuits, so check back to see 4 months of growth! Do you think they look different?) We also went last year when Lucy and Ellory turned one. (You should really look at that post to see how much they've changed in a year!) Kley and I laughed that this will probably be our birthday outing twice a year for the next ten-ish years, but we are totally okay with that. They were giggling with delight and it was awesome.

Also, this probably makes me sound cheap, but it was amazing because we ordered one large shake to share with everyone, and they accidentally made two and let us keep the other one. Score!

Let's all pause to gaze at their adorable pigtails! :)

Lucy and Ellory each went down this slide countless times and loved it.

Norah is growing up so much too! She really wanted to bring her goggles.

Warming up in the hot tub. (Don't worry, they were in there for a very short time and it wasn't that hot.)

Ellory is much more cautious in the water and Lucy is a free bird. So fun to watch how different they are.

Slide love! Lucy went down this one a bunch too. Ellory went down twice and had the most scared look on her face, but then was okay when I caught her and she didn't cry!

Ending the night with a free sucker from the pool. What could be better? Norah said it was really fun to spend time together. I hope she says that always and forever.

Happy birthday to the two sweetest two-year-olds ever! We love you so much!


  1. Happy pre-birthday!! What a fun family outing! ❤️ Sounds like you guys nailed a perfect dream for a kid! Swimming, ice cream, McDonald’s. What else could be better?! So fun!!

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