Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer Celebration.

I love it when our little town, and the surrounding towns, do fun things. Last Saturday we went to the Summer Celebration in a neighboring town, where they had all different things like inflatables, pony rides, train rides, a park, old car show, food stands, etc. It was fun! Norah loved the inflatables!

We spent the majority of the time at the park, which is funny because the park is the only thing that's there all the time, but I'm also totally fine with that because they all three love it and are entertained. And going to different parks than our usual one by our house is always fun!

Everyone loves to swing!

Norah loved the train ride! We debated about sending Lucy and Ellory, but decided against because we didn't trust them to sit down the whole ride. Maybe next year.

Lucy is the biggest Daddy's girl. She wanted to be with Kley the whole time.

Ellory was so content being outside and just watching everything around her. Lucy wanted Kley to pick her up again, ha.

Playing at the park! We were commenting on how different Lucy and Ellory are- Lucy was climbing up and down everything and was all over the place, while Ellory was happy staying in almost the same spot the whole time, just watching and picking up little handfuls of sand.

Love Norah's new haircut!

Lucy is so tiny, but she acts like a 10 year old at the park!

See us last year at the celebration and look how much they've all grown!

I thought it was so funny that Norah asked afterwards why they never played "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang. What an awesome kid. She also told me the other day that her favorite songs were "Brown Eyed Girl" and "Low Rider." Ha! (Kley likes to play that on guitar and we had a dance party to "Low Rider" when we did respite a few weeks back, and Norah has loved it ever since!)


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