Monday, January 16, 2017

Missional motherhood.

A repost from my instagram recently:

It can be easy to forget how missional motherhood really is in the midst of all the "doing" and "caring" that needs to be done, but I never want to forget how important it is. Today I stopped and watched Norah copying me with her play iron as I was ironing, and I was overwhelmed at how much influence I (and Kley) have over her young life. We pray and read a Bible story in our bed at night before bringing her to her bed, and she's been asking us to pray again in her own bed. I know it's basically a stalling tactic, but I'll never say no to another prayer, and I love praying out loud over her that I hope she grows up to love Jesus, serve Him with all her heart, and show His kindness to those around her. May I never take for granted the sweet blessing of raising one of His own.


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