Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Indoor fun and swimming with her pals.

I was really wishing we could go outside this week, but it's January and super cold, so we've been taking advantage of the fun indoor things we can do! We went to the Kids Gym earlier this week, which Norah loves! (Norah was free until she turned two, and now I bought a groupon pass deal that makes it much more affordable.) It really is such a cool place- it's a gym designed specifically for kids with sensory processing disorders, but any child can play. I love that our little town has one! Her favorite things there are the swings and trampoline.

Kley also took Norah to the library to play for a little bit last night so I could take a bath and read in the tub. Amazing. Thanks Kley- you're the best!

Friday we went to the pool for toddler swim hour! Norah loves it, and it's only $2 per adult and $1 per child, so a great cheap activity too. I like that she can keep up being used to the water during the winter months too, and it's just fun to get out of the house in the winter and do something you don't normally get to do. This time, two of Norah's best friends came, which also means mommy talk time too for the grown ups!

Norah had a great time! As you can see, we are making strides towards smiling at the camera, but haven't mastered it yet. Still cute!

Norah is a hot tub girl- definitely my daughter. (Don't worry, it's warm, but they turn it down for toddler hour and it's not as hot as usual hot tubs.)

Sweet girl.

Attempting a friends shot. It's so fun to watch Norah love her friends and learn to play with others. As you can see with her arm, she's sometimes a little too heavy on the love. Physical touch is definitely her love language, and she means well, but you have to let your pals breathe too, Norah. :)

Hope you're enjoying winter and finding fun things to do indoors! (Going to the park for the first time in the spring will be a glorious day!)


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