Saturday, March 28, 2015

TV shows/Favorite Netflix finds.

Hello! Here is a little update from my last posts about TV shows we are/were watching.

1. We are still watching Grey's Anatomy.

2. We finished Parenthood and it was awesome. We recommend.

3. We watched the comeback short season of 24 and were just as disappointed with the ending as we were with the last ending. Still glad it came back, though.

4. We finished How I Met Your Mother. The final episode sparked quite the talk! Crazy.

5. We are still watching New Girl. We fell away from it for awhile, but now are back and think it's so funny.

Currently we are watching Bones on Netflix. We love it. (Also, I recently just learned that Zooey Deschanel, the star of New Girl, and Emily Deschanel, the star of Bones, are sisters. Wow.)

Also, here are a few of my favorite Netflix finds recently. Sometimes it's hard to find good stuff on there, so I like to share the hard to find gems.

Blackfish- A very interesting documentary about killer whales and Sea World, specifically about the whale Tilikum, who has taken several lives. It explores the topic of whales in captivity. 

Take Me Home- A movie about a guy named Thom who is having trouble making ends meet, and starts driving a taxi cab in New York illegally. He ends up driving Claire, a woman who just found her husband is cheating on her, across the country to her dad's funeral in California. (Also, the main characters in this movie are married in real life! Thom is Joel from Parenthood, which is originally what made me want to watch this.)

Chef- A movie about a chef who gets a horrible review, ends up loosing/quitting his job and opening a food truck. Kley and I just watched this last night and were pleased! It's language heavy, but other than that is a pretty good movie and actually has some good redeeming relationship aspects, which can be hard to find in movies these days.


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