Monday, March 23, 2015

Norah- Five Months.

Norah is five months! Every time I write she is a month older, it seems like the month was shorter than the last. Time flies when you’re having fun! I feel like I keep waiting for a “boring” or uneventful week where I will have nothing to write about, but Norah is growing and changing so fast. There’s always something to say!

Norah had a few ups and downs this month, but thankfully mostly ups. At 17.5 weeks, she started waking in the night again and wanting to eat. She was usually up once, but occasionally twice. Waking up once isn’t too bad, but we are hoping for sleeping through the night again! At 17.5 weeks, she also started shaking her head and splashing a ton in the bath. We discovered how tactile Norah is this month also- she loves to hold onto something soft, and that definitely helps her fall asleep too! She is always grabbing her blanket, burp rag, or my shirt during feedings.

For a few weeks this month Norah went on a rolling over strike and went right to trying to sit up. She would crane her head up and lift her legs when laying down in attempt to sit up. Now, she has started rolling over again, and rolls really fast! At 4.5 months she started to be able to roll from tummy to back, but didn’t like it at first and got really mad. It’s still not her favorite, but is able to roll all the way over now. Norah also discovered her toes this month and enjoys trying to pull her socks off. Being just in her onsie is probably her favorite because then she can easily get her legs up to suck her toes! Norah also enjoys drinking and eating like mom and dad, or wanting to anyways. She will suck on the rim of a glass and likes to lick our food/silverware.

Norah had her 4-month appointment and did really well. She didn’t like the shots, but handled them well and thankfully does pretty well afterwards. She weighed 16 lbs. 13 oz. (84%), was 26.25” (93%), and head circumference was 16.75” (85%). The doctor gave the okay for rice cereal, and we started that before bed on March 13. Norah liked it right away! She likes eating from a spoon, and is quickly getting better at swallowing and getting it all in her mouth. It’s been fun to watch her enjoy it!

We also set up some of Norah’s new toys this month on February 28, more of her bouncy and sit up toys. She loves them and enjoys being up and active! She will play with them for a long time. Another new thing this month is teeth! Norah has two bottom teeth already! We felt the bottom right one on March 1st, and then the left one on March 7th. Norah had about 4 days where she wasn’t herself and was pretty fussy, but other than that she has been handling it well. The biggest adjustment with that has probably been for mom, with her biting when eating! Ouch! That was rough for about a week, but is getting much better. She eats about every 4, sometimes 4.5, hours. Norah has gone on a bottle strike and refuses to drink from a bottle, but will sometimes take milk through a medicine dropper, on the rare occasion mom is gone. Thankfully we are starting solids and she likes spoons!

Overall, Norah is a very peaceful girl and is very pleasant and content. She doesn’t fuss much and enjoys being with people, especially mom and dad. Norah did much better this month with being comfortable being around other people. She enjoys “talking” and has gotten much louder! We have also noticed her hair thinning and lightening. She has become much better with fine motor skills and is able to grab toys, objects, and faces. Another new thing is that Norah has become a thumb sucker. From about 20 weeks, she started sucking her right thumb. At the end of the month, at 21 weeks, she started wearing size 3 diapers and 9-month clothes!

Norah, being your parents is so fun and we are honored to care for you and watch you grow! You had lots of milestones this month, from teeth, to rice cereal and bouncy toys! Your favorite things are pushing the music buttons on your bouncy toy, splashing in the tub, going for stroller walks, smiling at dad when he comes home, being held, sucking your thumb, eating cereal, and grabbing/sucking on toys! We love you!


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