Monday, March 16, 2015

Baby Items- Bath edition.

Welcome to the bath edition of my best baby items blogs! (Here you can see my other editions.) I know there are a ton of best baby item lists out there, but it's so fun to write and it's nice, though sometimes overwhelming, to hear opinions on products before buying. So, here is what we have experienced with bath items so far:

4moms Infant Tub- We got this at a shower from my mom, thinking that it would be completely marvelous. Honestly, we used it a couple times and promptly returned it to the store. It's nice that it has a seat for baby and a water thermometer, but there's not a good way to keep the water warm. It cools off very quickly, since there isn't much water in it to begin with, and there's no way to put more in without the water hitting the tub and splashing baby in the face. (Norah got super scared and started screaming when this happened.) I'm sure there are good baby baths out there, but we never got another one once we returned this. We just lay her in the bottom of the tub with a little water and she loves it. Bath time is, thankfully, one of Norah's favorite things- she loves the water and splashing!

Verdict: No, not worth it at all.

Update: Norah is 8 months and we never used a baby bath for her, other than the few attempts with this one. It worked fine for us. Norah is very closely supervised while in the tub, and she loved just laying (or now sitting) in the tub. She loves bath time!

Aveeno Baby Bath Products- I LOVE Aveeno bath products. They have kept Norah's skin so soft, moisturized, and smooth. I would highly recommend. They are expensive, about twice as much as Johnson's, but I think it's worth it (and they last a long time, so you don't have to buy a lot). 

-Baby Wash and Shampoo- The bottle says "lightly scented," which is vague, but it smells light and fresh. I love it.
-Baby Daily Moisture Lotion- Smells nice, works great- moisturizes all day and isn't greasy. Norah had dry skin when using Johnson's at first, and Aveeno took away all of that.
-Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream- A little thicker- more intense for dry skin. Still could be used for everyday, though.
-Baby Calming Comfort Lotion (Lavender and Vanilla)- Haven't personally tried, but looks good!
-Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream- Haven't tried, but heard great recommendations.
-Baby Natural Protection Lotion Sunscreen- Will definitely be buying this for summer.

Verdict: Yes.

Update: Still love Aveeno and use many of their baby products. It's now summer and I love the sunscreen and face stick also!

Johnsons Baby Bath Products- Great for some, but not for us. We ended up returning all the Johnson's products we got (which was a lot), and trading for Aveeno. Norah had some dry skin/small eczema spots when using Johnsons, and Aveeno cleared them right up.

Verdict: No- not bad, just didn't work for us.

Here are a few other things Norah has tried:

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat- We had this, but ended up returning it just because we never felt a true need to use it. But it looks fun! So do these dots!

Munchkin Foam Letters and Numbers- Norah loves these! We used them all the time in the water tub at school too, when I taught.

Munchkin Bath Crayons- I have heard that these are super great.

Basically all bath animals or squirters I have found have holes in them. I was told that any bath toy with a hole can grow mold in it, so you are supposed to hot glue the hole shut. I did that for a long time, but now I just quit gluing them because Norah would bite the glue out. Oops.

These two towel sets are my favorite- the JJ Cole and Aden and Anais brands. They are thick, plush, and wash super well. Some baby towels are so cheap and thin. Norah had a Chicco towel that we have already donated away because it was thinner and didn't wash up well. My mom got a towel pack as a gift, I don't remember what brand, that was so thin it felt like tissue paper.

JJ Cole Hooded Towel Set- I love these towels, and they are a good price as well.

Aden and Anais Towel Set- She got this as a gift and we love it, although it's more expensive. After a year of washing, it has held up the best though!

Bath time is one of our favorite times of the day!

Update: Still use both kinds of towels everyday and love them. I would say the Aden and Anais ones are holding up a bit better, but both are good.

OXO Bath Toy Bin- We have this toy bin and I love it. It's the perfect size for all her toys and it's never once fallen off. There are also small holes in the bottom so wet toys don't get stale/moldy sitting in there.

(All opinions are my own from personal experience. No one is sponsoring these posts or products.)


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