Sunday, July 13, 2014

Take your rings off!

Today was a sad day. My wedding ring was just cut off. I hated watching it happen. I love my ring and I never want to take it off, but unfortunately it had to be done. 

When I got pregnant, the only thing I knew for sure would happen would be that my stomach would get really big. All the other side effects are a possibility, but not a guarantee, so it's hard to know what to plan for. My hands and feet swelling has been the thing that bothered me the most, for some reason. It freaked me out to have huge ankles. Kley didn't understand that, claiming that it's not a big deal, and out of all the things to happen, why would something so minor seem like such a big deal?

I don't really know, other than the fact that I didn't know that would happen. My stomach getting big doesn't bother me because I knew that would happen for sure. Everything else was a guess.

I had never heard of fingers swelling so bad that you had to cut your ring off. So, pregnant ladies everywhere- it happens! Whenever you notice the slightest swelling- take your rings off right away!

I noticed my rings getting super tight a couple weeks ago, but it never occurred to me to take them off. Dumb. The past few days it got even tighter. I wear three rings- yesterday I was able to get one off with lots of pulling/twisting, and the other off with lots of lotion and twisting. But my wedding ring wouldn't budge.

We tried everything- lotion, ice, water and soap, conditioner, soaking it in the shower, windex, floss, etc. Nothing worked, and the floss was incredibly painful. I tried to do it to myself and Kley tried also, but he couldn't do it when I started crying. I admit that I don't handle pain very well, but it really hurt. Basically, it's where you thread the floss through your ring and then wrap it really tight and close together all the way up your finger. Then you start pulling the piece you threaded through, and it's supposed to twist your ring all the way off.  

After trying all of these things, we went to the doctor. She tried the floss too (apparently that's the best method), but couldn't get it. So we headed to the jewelers and it was cut off.

It was so sad, but I'm glad we did it. My finger immediately started to feel better, so I know it was getting too tight. Also, we were thinking about resizing it anyways, because it was pretty tight before pregnancy, so I'm telling myself it's fine that it's cut because we were going to resize it.

Goodbye my beautiful ring, for a few months. I will miss you!

(You can see in the picture the nice chunk of skin that got ripped off during the floss process, and you can see the indent from how tight the ring was. Wow.)


  1. I'm so sorry! You're NOT alone!! I had to have my ring cut off because of pregnancy swelling TOO-but its OK!! The jewlers will resize it and you'll hardly see it...hey- I can't find your email...but please email me-and ill give you my love to talk to you, Encourage you, pray with you...I understand ..been there! Love, Tersha

  2. Talk about the not-so-fun side of pregnancy. The dent it and swell those rings left on your finger look bad. I hope you were able to wear your gorgeous rings again after that. I’m sure this wasn’t something a little resizing wouldn’t fix. Good luck!

    Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert

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