Saturday, January 25, 2014

Top things from the week/weekend.

January is probably my least favorite month of the year, probably because Christmas is over, it's still freezing, spring is still a ways off, and we can't go outside at school for a long long time. Also, Kley is on break for most of January, which he deserves and is great, but also tough to be so out of schedule and routine. While Kley is on break, I have been working my butt off getting ready for conferences. Not very fun.

But, I want to focus on the good things. Here are some great things that happened this week:

1. I am now ready for conferences. Yay! I have a week left to prepare what to say/go over final touches, but the big stuff is done and I am ready. It feels so good to get that done. It's a ton of work!
2. Kley went back to school this week. It's nice to be in routine again.
3. I don't know if I ever mentioned this or not, but we went to Mayo a few weeks back for Kley's stomach issues (kind of talked about here). Basically, the doctor said it was an easy case and she doubled his medication and he has been feeling much better the last few weeks.
4. After that visit, we figured out that his old medication wasn't covered (at all) under his new insurance policy that started January 1. Bummer. But, we got it figured out and we found an alternative that's supposed to do the exact same thing, and it's cheaper!
5. We had lower numbers at school last week, so it was nice to have a few easier days.
6. This is old news, but two weeks ago we had a "cold day" because it's been so freezing (polar vortex!).
7. Thursday felt like -27 outside. Unreal. Yesterday afternoon we were FINALLY able to go outside again at school and it felt like 24. 24 felt amazing after -27. Fresh air is wonderful.
8. My brother came home from his J-term trip to Spain. He also shaved his beard and cut his hair, so he's looking pretty fine.
9. We went to my parents house last night. Two out of my three siblings were there. I love my family.
10. My mom made lemon bars. Delicious.
11. My mom has been volunteering in my classroom on Wednesday mornings. It's awesome.
12. Yesterday my classroom at school got an ipad! I am so pumped.
13. It felt so great to sleep in this morning.
14. It's so nice to have free time to blog on Saturday mornings.
15. We have been watching New Girl and think it's so funny.
16. Kley and I are going on a date today. :)

Happy weekend!


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