Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Movin' on up...

To the east side. (Ha- not really.)

On a side note (before I even start the real post), it is currently 7:39 and I just crawled into bed. I don't even care- I am loving it so much. We have been busy recently, and gone a lot of weekends, so to have nothing tonight feels AMAZING! We are going to watch a few shows and go to bed early. So so nice.

To the real point of this There are a lot of changes coming up, and now that it became public to all the parents today, I can blog about it! Starting May 13, we are switching to four 10-hour work days, so same amount of hours, but we get a day off! This will be a weird change, but I think it will be good. Everyone tells me that I will love having a day off, and I can definitely see how that would be nice. (Going to Target during the morning when no one else is there sounds great!) My day off will be Monday, at least for the first few months, so I am pretty pumped about that. The downside is that I will only get to work with my awesome coworker Lauren three days a week. Thankfully the other girl who will sub for us, Julia, is really good too, so I am happy about that. I currently work 7-3:30, with a 30 minute "break" (in parentheses because I usually just work during it anyways), and now I will work 7-5. I know 7 is early, but I love opening. You can get so much done when all the kids aren't there yet, and it's so nice to greet the kids when they arrive and not come to work when they are already all there. It will also be nice to be there for pick-ups as well with working later, to be able to talk to parents, and to be able to have more time to get other work done as kids are leaving and numbers are lower. So, all in all, I am happy about it!

Side note- I currently work in a two-year-old classroom at a private Christian school, in case you didn't know.

The other big news is that starting June 10, my coworker Lauren and I are moving classrooms! (Hence the "movin' on up" title.) We will be moving from the two-year-old classroom to the three-year-old classroom. At first I was hesitant, because change is always hard for me, but after praying and thinking about it, I definitely feel at peace. Sometimes change is good, right? Even if it takes time to transition. This move was something initiated by my boss, and she thinks I will be good at it, which I think is a great compliment! I am so glad to have Lauren transition up with me, as I am so blessed to have her as a great partner. I will be sad to leave the kids I currently have, but it will be nice to teach the three-year-olds because I have already taught them before! It will be like teaching the same kids two years in a row, which has a lot of positives I think. What a neat way to allow for deeper relationships to form, and an opportunity to change their lives/love on them with His love!

Lots of change coming up!


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