Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kayla's Confirmation.

This weekend was good- it was one of the only weekends in awhile that we weren't/won't be traveling, so it was nice to be home, even though it was full! I have been feeling like we have had and have full weekends for awhile, but we can't complain because it's all great things!

Friday we had our friends, Dave and Lindsay, over for dinner/games. They are the couple we colead our small group at church, so it was fun to hang out and talk about church stuff. A great time! This was also the first time we used our grill this year- grilled pork chops. :)

This weekend was my youngest sister, Kayla's, confirmation. At their church, the eighth graders go through a whole year of "confirmation" and at the end they stand up in front of the whole congregation and make their profession of faith- saying yes to Jesus. We are so proud of her! What an important decision and a great reason to celebrate! My parent's had a few friends and family over. Both sets of grandparents, my brother and sister, and my uncle were home, so it was awesome!

Here is Kayla opening some of her gifts.

Here is a beauty I captured and had to share. I think it's hilarious, because Kley loves Daisy, but it's more of a tolerating love. Daisy is very spoiled by every girl in the family and is the most girly dog. Probably ever. Daisy somehow senses Kley's true feelings, and she loves to taunt him about it. Whenever we go over, she tries to sit by him, stepping on him- as if on purpose- to find the most comfortable position. So I had to take a picture of this. :)

Me and the special girl!

Sunday morning at church- the whole gang.

My amazing family!

 Congratulations Kayla! We love you and are so proud! 


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