Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spirituality in Marriage.

This post has been floating around in my mind, not really knowing what to say and wondering if I should even post it, but not wanting to ignore the topic either. Because I think it's important. But I also don't want to share too intimate of details, as part of our marriage is just for us.

Sometimes, well, all the time, I think spirituality in marriage is hard. It's hard to find the balance between having healthy and growing spiritual lives apart and together. This past month has not been good for us spiritually. When one of us was doing well, the other one wasn't, and we didn't do a very good job of connecting together spiritually.

We find, and assume that most other Christian couples find, that when you are having marital problems, a lot of it stems back to how you are doing spiritually. It's ironic that God is the most important thing, yet often times when you are diagnosing a problem, He can be the last thing you sometimes think of.

We had a good, and much needed, heart to heart last night about our spirituality. We have been not doing many things together to connect spiritually. And you know what that's brought? A lot more fights, disagreements, short tempers, and all in all, a lot of things we don't desire our relationship to be.

It's so good to clear the air. Realize your issue and come back to God. But sometimes it's hard for be to trust and wait for the change, because I want it to be better RIGHT NOW. But that's not always how it works. I will never appreciate the mountaintop experiences if we never go through the valleys.

I am proud to be married to a man that desires to be the spiritual leader, and a good one at that. I am blessed to be married to someone that isn't afraid to admit his mistakes, that pushes me to talk about it so we can get better, asks for forgiveness, offers forgiveness, and tries to do better.

Thank you God, for always using our experiences to mold us for the good. Thank You for forgiveness, and the opportunity to grow and be better.

Sometimes it's okay to not have everything together. Sometimes it's okay to be broken.

(Kley pre-read this post and okay'd it, as I would never want to post something he didn't want me to or that revealed something he wanted private.)


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