Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice Skating.

Last night we went ice skating. We had a groupon for it and had been saving it for awhile (actually we tried to go once in December but they had run out of skates, so we couldn't get in). Last night was a great night to do it! It was so nice to get some fresh air after being cooped up inside all week, because it was too cold to ever go out for recess at school. But it finally warmed up some yesterday- yay! It was fun to break out the old skates again. I took lessons back in Jr. High!

Fun date night. :)

The rink. We went to this outdoor place downtown. It was nice to go while the sun was setting!

View of downtown. :)

My favorite sights at the rink were: 1. This boy was wearing hot pink gloves, and he kept bending down and wiping his gloves on the ice, and then licking the remnants off. He would lick the entire glove, and he kept doing this over and over. Yuck. 2. This little boy was skating with his dad, and he was so excited he was flailing his tiny legs everywhere. His dad had to hold him up the entire time. 3. This older couple got on the ice, and initially they didn't look very good, but then they surprised everyone by doing coordinating dance moves together to the pop songs on the radio. It was funny. :)

Then we went to Texas Roadhouse, but it was so packed that we ended up getting takeout. This was a great idea since we were both so famished after skating/eating late. It was one of the most delicious things we've had in awhile. :)


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