Thursday, August 23, 2012

The story of Kley and I: Chapter Six- Fun things we did while dating

I'm going to speed up the pace of the story, partly so it doesn't take forever, and mostly because I don't want to share absolutely everything with you, just some. I want to keep some parts of our relationship just between us and close friends. So, I will share a few fun things we did while we were dating! These pictures range from are mostly from our second year of dating- 2008 to 2009. Enjoy!

(Sorry for the flipped pictures- I haven't learned how to rotate them yet.)

These were when we visited ICA (high school) friends at UNI. We always loved going there and visited a few times over the years. Here is Kley and I after we all went to a play together.

My good friend, Lauren, and I.

Christmas Banquet 2008
My roommates (and Kley)

Our good friends, David and Jacquie, and us. This was the very beginning of their relationship, and now they are married!

Keith Urban concert! Summer 2009

4th of July in OC with my sister, Kayla

Kley visiting my family right before moving back to Bethel for my junior year

Kley with my sisters (I do have a brother too! I don't know where he was when these were taken.)


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