Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our weekend!

Friday night Kley and I went to the Iowa Cubs game. It was our first (and probably only) one of the year! I don't personally love baseball, but it's always fun to do something different. I am glad we went and it was great weather for a game!

Also, in the last weeks, my brother and sister have both left for college. I am excited for them, but sad they aren't in DM anymore. Keaton went back to Bethel, and Karlie headed to Northwestern in Orange City for the first time. So, Kayla is the only sibling left in town! My parents were helping with the moves, so Kayla spent the night at our apartment on Friday after the game. 

It was fun. :) Saturday morning I made breakfast- eggs, bacon, white nectarines, and cinnamon rolls. White nectarines are my new favorite. I just bought some and I love them. I also hate making bacon, which is unfortunate because Kley loves bacon. I bought bacon back when we were first married, and had a horrible experience that ended up with grease everywhere in the kitchen, which soured me on bacon for a long time. Last week at the store, I decided to surprise Kley and bought bacon again. I admit that I don't know how to properly cook bacon, but it didn't go well again. It looked raw still in the pan, but by the time I took it out of the pan it was almost black crispy and the apartment got all smoggy.  Needless to say with my record of every two years, I won't be buying bacon again until 2014. The rest of the breakfast was awesome, though.

Then Kayla and I painted our nails and we went to a movie. We saw "The Odd Life of Timothy Green." I loved it and thought it was really cute. Then we all (me, Kley, Kayla, and my dad) went to Red Robin for dinner. Today we went to Church and out to lunch with my grandparents, who had come back to visit after seeing Karlie's volleyball tournament. It was a good weekend!


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