Monday, August 6, 2012

Home is where the heart is.

These last two weeks, Kley and I have been staying at my parent's house while they are on a Europe trip. (I know, awesome! I totally wish we were there.) While they are gone we've been taking care of Daisy, the cute but spoiled dog. 

Here she is. Not the best picture, but it's all I had. Cute, right? :) My family got her when I was 16. She's a Schnoodle. 

While there are great perks of staying at my parent's house- free laundry, free food, lots of space, and a great new TV with cable- it's not quite "home" to me anymore. While this is a little sad, I am happy about it. It took a long time for me to say that and mean it.

When I first went to Bethel, I was very homesick for the first month. I thought I could never love a place like I love Des Moines, or truly feel at home at any other place than my parent's house. I did end up growing to love college and the city of Minneapolis, and we even spent our first year of marriage there together, but it still never felt completely like home to me.

Honestly, that was a struggle for me when we got married- to leave my family and join a family with Kley. Not that I didn't want to do it, I certainly did, but it was an adjustment for me (an adjustment I am so happy that I made- I am incredibly blessed by Kley every single day.) For the first year and a half or so of our marriage, I always felt a little torn between Kley and my family, like I wanted both equally. I know that it's Biblical to "leave" your family and cleave to your new husband, but I struggled to feel completely at home in our apartment.

Now when we stay at my parent's, I miss our apartment and I don't feel as "at home" here as I used to. It's a very good thing for me. I know that we are welcome at my parent's whenever, but I don't feel like I live here anymore. I live with Kley and I miss our home when we aren't there. I feel connected to it, like Kley is my family and it's part of my responsibility to serve him and our home as best I can.

I hope this makes sense. I'm sure there are others out there who feel/felt like that too! All in all, I am ready to go home tomorrow when my family gets back, instead of wanting to stay. That is how I should feel and it is good! I still love my family, but in a different, yet good, way. I am so happy and blessed to have my heart belong to Kley, and where he is, that's where I'm at home while on earth. I love living together with him and going through life together. I get a clearer picture of how God loves me and how I am to love others because of Kley. We are blessed!


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