Sunday, April 28, 2024

Spring rec soccer and Norah's 3rd grade music program 2024.

Norah had her 3rd grade music program- she did great! It was fun to see what they have been learning this year. They did some fun songs, dances, and recorders. She wanted her hair curled- she looked so beautiful and grown up we thought! Way to go, Norah!

We got to have supper with Kley's grandma and parents Easter Sunday when we got back into town from Des Moines/Omaha- always nice to see her! It's a gift to live by some family! Wish we could live by all of them, but so thankful driving isn't too far and we get to see them pretty often.

Spring rec soccer has begun! Loving the warmer temps outside and staying lighter longer. All three were excited for it to start and did great the first night. Lucy and Ellory are team teal and Norah is team safety green. Go girls!


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