Friday, April 5, 2024

Easter 2024- Zoo, lunch with Stephanie, and cousin fun.

The girls had a few days off of school for Easter break, so we headed to Des Moines. Kley worked remotely Thursday and Friday, but was nice he could come down with us. The girls and I went to the zoo with my mom on Thursday. There were hardly any people there, so it was nice we could walk around and see whatever!

These two starfish stuck to the side were crazy!

Thankful for warming up weather and a fun few days off of school!

There was an indoor part of the tiger exhibit and one was pacing and came and put his face up against the glass four times while the girls were standing there. The closest we've ever seen a tiger before- wow!

We also got to go out for lunch with my good friend Stephanie! We grew up together and she lives in DC and was home for Easter, so it was special to get together. 

Playing out side at grandpa and grandma's house and Uncle Keaton and Rose's house.

Loved seeing our cousins!


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