Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Christmas dance, piano recital, and church program 2023.

December is filled with lots of activities and fun! Parents were invited to the last part of Norah's dance class to watch a short tap and jazz song they had learned. She did great!

All three played in the Christmas piano recital! It was Lucy and Ellory's first recital. This is Norah's 3rd year taking lessons from Heidi and we love her! I wanted Lucy and Ellory to take from her also, but she unfortunately didn't have room. I'm super thankful I found another teacher for them for their first year from our church, Mel, and she does a great job too! She doesn't do a recital though, so Heidi let Lucy and Ellory join in her recital to play a song. They were all nervous, but handled it well! We prayed for bravery in the car on the way there and they all did such a great job. Proud of them for doing it in spite of fear and trying their best!

Ellory played Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Lucy played Away in a Manger, and Norah played The First Noel and Joy to the World. 

My parents drove up for the day and surprised the girls. Kley's parents came too, and so did the three great grandparents that live close! The recital was at the place where my grandparents live, so that was super special that they could make it to see it. Kley's grandma lives in our town too and she rode with Kley's parents. How wonderful to have such a big cheering section! I am thankful my girls get to know all of their great grandparents and have some of them live close by, what a gift!

The church program was following the piano recital, so that was big day but nice to have both on the same day too. All three did so great! I helped plan the program this year, and Kley played guitar, so all five of us were up front and it was a special night. 

I'm grateful our girls get to participate in activities like this!

So glad my parents could make it and that other local family could join too- the best!

Merry Christmas! Hope your activities can be fun and meaningful- praise God for sending His Son!


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