Sunday, January 7, 2024

Christmas 2023- De Jong side.

Merry Christmas! Experiencing Christmas through the eyes of our kids is so fun. We were home for Christmas and had a special mix of celebrating the five of us, and some wonderful time with the De Jong side too. Praying you all could celebrate His birth in a meaningful way too!

My four favorites!

Kley's family plays "hide the pickle" at Christmas, basically hide and seek for a pickle ornament. It was not my year- I didn't win but they had a prize for everyone and the girls were taking turns hiding it so they really wanted to hide it for me. So I was searching by myself at the end and Norah wanted to hide it so high in the Christmas tree that I couldn't even see it (Kley lifted her up), and then they kept shouting "you're so hot!" when I was by the tree as a clue and I couldn't find it and then Kley lifted me up. At least the girls thought this was quite funny. :)

Kley had the first victory in the pickle game. We also played Bingo to pass out gifts!

Cousin pics in Christmas pajamas!

Love whole family shots!

Craft time.

Christmas morning at home. 

Celebrating Christmas eve with Kley's grandma Shirley. 

Everyone was excited to open some new fun things!

Thankful for a sweet Christmas and for the girls to have a break from school!


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