Sunday, September 17, 2023

Labor Day weekend/Fields of Fun 2023.

We had a good Labor Day weekend at home! We were initially supposed to go to Omaha to visit family, but Ellory had a fever for a couple days so that was unfortunately canceled. While it would have been fun to go, it was also nice to have a few slower days at home as a family, especially after starting school. We went to the the football game, worked on a few house projects, and went to the pool a few time (it was hot that weekend!). Midweek we also hit Fields of Fun (our local pumpkin patch) for the first time this season- yay!

So fun to take these pictures every year!

The corn pit is a favorite.

Labor Day was quiet but good! We had asked some friends if they wanted to do something, but they were all busy, so we had a fun family day. We stayed home in the morning and I cleaned, then we went to the final day at the pool, out for supper, and to a fun park in a neighboring town. Happy long weekend!


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