Thursday, September 7, 2023

End of summer fun.

What a summer! We didn't have as many lazy days as I would have liked, but we still had tons of summer fun! We were busy moving a lot of the first half of summer, and also went on several different trips (more than we usually do), which were all great fun too! We got to go to Rapid City to see my grandparents, Norah went on an "it's great to be 8" trip with my parents and Lucy, Ellory, and I went to visit a friend in DC while she was on that, we went to CO with Kley's family, and to Des Moines for a few days with my side. After our last trip, we had almost a week before school started, and were so glad to do some fun end of summer activities! We went to a small beach/lake for an afternoon and the girls loved playing in the sand. We went to a waterpark in a neighboring town, which was so much fun because this was the first time all three were really old enough to fully enjoy it and do all the things. They were each so brave and did the zip line and diving board! We went to our local pool with friends, and we also did our annual nail painting trip the day before school starts to have fun nails for the first day! It was super hot this week, so glad we could do lots in the water!


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