Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Summer dance and golf camps 2023.

The girls did a summer dance camp! It was only two days, so it was a fun little taste without being too much time. The one for Lucy and Ellory's age group said it was focusing on ballet and jazz in the description, but was more focused on ballet. Lucy and Ellory did great, but maybe not a forever favorite? The second day Lucy said she didn't want to go and would rather just go to softball instead, ha! Ellory seemed moderate- she liked it I think but wasn't raving about it. Norah's class was jazz and musical theatre, and she got to learn a routine to a song. She really liked it! Norah definitely loves dance the most. It was fun to have a special activity for a couple days, and proud of Lucy and Ellory for trying something new! (And there was only one other girl in each of their classes, so it was quite small, but made it nice for more individualized instruction.)

All three got to go to golf camp this summer! Lucy and Ellory were excited- Norah has gone for a couple years, but now they are old enough too. It's a nice end to the official summer activities- it's always the last week of July, so it's nice that swimming lessons/dance camp/softball are over. It's four mornings for 45 minutes, so not long, but a fun little taste of golf. Kley really loves golf, so he would love it if the girls did too! I think they all enjoyed it!


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