Friday, August 4, 2023

DC trip with Lucy and Ellory.

One of my good friends, Stephanie, lives in Washington DC and Lucy, Ellory, and I got to visit her! It was a great time and fun to show Lucy and Ellory this special city. I've been several times visiting her over the years, and Norah went when she was two (when I was pregnant with Lucy and Ellory) and four (when Lucy and Ellory were one and just Norah and I went on a girls trip), but Lucy and Ellory had never been! It worked out great because we went when Norah was on an "it's great to be eight" trip with my parents. How special is that? My grandparents did that when we were younger, and my parents are continuing. So Norah had something special to do too, and the timing worked nicely!

Lucy and Ellory did so well and were big troopers! They slept exceptionally well for a new place, which helped because they were so tired after big days. It's a big travel day to drive 2.5 hours to the airport, then maneuver through the airport, and then have the almost three hour plane ride, but they handled it like champs and I'm so thankful since I was traveling with them solo. It was also super hot there and we did lots of walking, and they handled that great too! I did bring a wagon, and I'm super glad I did and it came in really handy on some of the long walks.

We went to the zoo and enjoyed the animals! Stephanie had some work meetings come up Monday morning before we left, so the zoo was a great place to go to be in one place for a couple hours so I didn't have to figure out the city streets without her help. It's a fun zoo!

Choosing an animal on the carousel and Dippin' Dots were a big highlight!

Checking out Stephanie's office.

Love this picture checking out some monuments!

Lincoln Memorial. We couldn't see the whole thing because of construction, but still neat to be there.

World War II Memorial. They loved dipping their feet in!

Washington Monument.

National Museum of American History- this was so fun! Favorite parts were the First Lady dresses and the entertainment section. It was funny to see how different Lucy and Ellory were in here too. I wasn't sure how they would react, but Ellory was very interested- engaged and asking questions, while Lucy was pretty indifferent.

Getting some (very expensive but worth it to keep peace on a hot day) snow cones. :)

The view from the rooftop of Stephanie's apartment! So cool and so different from our backyard view!

Washington Monument from her roof.

Lucy and Ellory absolutely loved her rooftop pool and thought it was the coolest to have a pool on the roof. It was actually perfect because it was 3 feet deep the entire way, designed to be a wading pool for adults to sit and drink in basically, but it was the perfect depth for Lucy and Ellory! This picture was earlier Saturday morning before the adults were up there, so they had it all to themselves!

Out for ice cream.

And last but not least, so special to show them the White House! (In case anyone was wondering- Ellory's glasses happened to break right before this trip and her new pair hadn't arrived yet, so that's why she's not wearing glasses this trip. She has a new pair now- thankfully under warranty so they were free!) So thankful we could go and see Stephanie and the city! We had a fun time!


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