Thursday, January 26, 2023

Norah's first time playing basketball!

Norah is doing winter rec basketball! Kley is pumped and we are excited she is trying something new. It's the 1st/2nd grade team, so technically she could have done it last year, but I had the flu during sign up and by the time I felt a little better and remembered, it was full already. Oops! Glad we were able to get her in this year. She was a bit nervous about it, but we said that several friends she knew would be there and Kley is coaching, and all she can do is try her best! These pictures are from night one- she was nervous but did well! It's for six weeks, and I really love that our rec program here does sports like that, so you can try things out but not be committed to it for the whole year. Ellory made the sweetest sign on her drawing board to encourage them and kept waving it at Kley and Norah while they were practicing. Go Norah! :)


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