Monday, January 2, 2023

Gingerbread houses and our light tour fail.

We had a great start to Christmas weekend by decorating gingerbread houses with the De Jongs! The girls really look forward to it and enjoy it. Fun to see everyone's designs!

Modeling their beautiful houses!

Lucy and Ellory were both SO proud of theirs and had such a sparkle in their eye about it. Norah had fun too!

Very special to do it with cousins!

Excited to be reunited again!

We had a very unfortunate Christmas light tour fail. We have a favorite place in a neighboring town that's the absolute best and we love it every year. We had a night planned for it, but then we had a snow day with bad weather, so we didn't go. Fast forward a bit and we had more bad weather (wild month weather wise), but it came to be the 22nd and if we didn't go that night, we weren't going before Christmas because of other plans. The weather wasn't the best and it was absolutely freezing, but we all wanted to go so we drove very slowly and wore tons of clothes, only planning to be outside for a short while. We make it there safely only to find it wasn't turned on because of the cold temps. So disappointing! We were going to go to a different place we hadn't been to before, but that was closed too. We ended up stopping at this house in our neighborhood that does a really nice job and snapped a quick picture there. It was "eyes start watering immediately" cold, but after all that work we were going to get a family picture by some lights! Lucy fell in the snow right before this, so she was crying. Best family photo ever? ;)

At least we got to go out for supper out of the ordeal! Other than this night, we are thankful for many other fun Christmas memories! And while this night wasn't our most favorite, it definitely turned out to be memorable too! Hope you are all having a very Merry Christmas.


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