Thursday, November 3, 2022

Norah's 8th birthday- friend/family butterfly party at the pool.

It was so fun to celebrate Norah's birthday, our girl is 8! This was her first birthday party not at our house. She really wanted to have it at the pool! She had been asking for a long time, and we compromised in inviting a few whole families instead of her whole class (because I didn't feel comfortable being responsible to watch that many kids in the water by ourselves). I think it worked out really well and everyone had fun! We invited a few families of Norah's close friends from school/church. She chose a butterfly theme and it was cute! We are very thankful for the many family and friends who love our girls well!

Lucy didn't want to be in the picture, but here's most of the friends!

Happy birthday Norah! Amma got her an 8 sparkler candle.

Glad Papa and Amma could join!

Being a mom is a wonderful gift. :)

Great Grandma Shirley could join too!

Happy 8th birthday, our sweet Norah. We love you so much and Jesus loves you the most!


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